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Sound One | Review Of Best Premium Bluetooth Wireless BT-06 Headphones/Headsets In India 2018

Sound One Red BT-06 Wireless Headphones

Sound One BT-06 Bluetooth Headphones – Review

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Sound One, a Hong Kong based audio device company, is in sound gear market for not so long but rather unveiled some astonishing headphones with highlights that will be the needle in the haystack with respect to any other brand. The one we have here from Sound One is the best bluetooth headphones, BT 06. These headphones work both routes; with wire or over Bluetooth, it additionally has a built-in FM radio and a dedicated slot for SD card. Keep reading this article to find out the complete review of Sound One BT-06.

The over-the-ear headphone from Sound One arrives in a pre-moulded blister pack, packaged together with a 3.4 mm audio in and out wire alongside a user manual guide. The BT-06 wireless headphone are available in captivating colours from Sound One and we reviewed the dark blue shading headset with glistening finish and a delicately fabricatedleather covering around the ear pieces and headband. This Bluetooth wireless headphones is cool enough to complement your snappy outfits.

Aside from being only latest Bluetooth headset, BT-06 accompanies a plenty of utilities to serve every one of your demands like a Swiss army knife. To expound, it accompanies a micro SD card to guarantee you can use it as an autonomous music player. BT-06, a wireless earpiece, likewise has an inherent FM radio tuner and accompanies a physical audio in port so that you can utilize it as a wired headphone as well. The assembling/build manner of this Bluetooth headphone is good as well.

Unboxing and Design

The packaging of Sound One BT 06 is spotless and extravagant, this good Bluetooth headphones can be seen from the window on the container. All the Bluetooth accessories are beneath the headphones; there is a USB link for charging and 1.5-meter long sound link for wired connection. A user guide is likewise there just in the event that you ponder what every button rockers are for.

This wireless headphone can be folded and overhauled according to head shapes, whenever required. The cushioning around the ear piece are very great, however may feel a smidgen uneasy while using it for extend periods of time. All the required buttons like power slider, volume rocker and USB charging port are set on the left ear piece.

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We played various tracks across the various genresstrating from house to blues, jazz to electronica alongside heap rock beat, and realised it is very tolerable at its cost. BT-06 bluetooth headset offers great quality bass and treble without overstating the quality, which was fresh alongside pretty decent yield in both mids and lows. I was astounded to encounter the detail while tuning in to a flute show and found each note was in that spot.

By and large, I feel Sound One BT-06 bluetooth headphones very useful at its cost. Available at Rs 1,690 at, the headphone is commendable for each penny you invest on it. Obviously you can’t expect point by point quality like premium headphones from Bose or Sennheiser, yet as I said before, it’s a pretty decent product at its cost.

On the off chance that you are interested, the BT-06 Bluetooth Headset comes in four shading alternatives—White, Black, Black/Blue and Black/Red.

Sound One BT 06 is lightweight headphones regardless of the considerable number of highlights it accompanies. BT 06 comes is four hues; white, blue, dark and red, the one we reviewed is the blue one. The headphone is all dark with blue coating on earcups and the cushioning on the headband is blue. The ear containers are customizable as per the head measure.

The wireless Bluetooth headphones are foldable and bent down  effortlessly so you can keep them in the event that or rucksack. The headphones look pleasant and it all reflexive on the outside and the left earcup holds every one of the catches, control switch and I/O ports. The fitting is somewhat tight, modify the glasses free it up a bit and the mugs goes on the ears won’t cover them.


Now you will know why I referred these wireless headphones, a Swiss Knife. These headphones work with each gadget you got with you except if it accompanies Bluetooth or sound jack, it workswell with iPhone 7 as well.

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BT 06 headset even has FM radio that is built in so you can enjoy it, however on the off chance that you would prefer not to tune in to FM radio then it has a TF card slot. Simply get your most loved music on a micros SD card, pop the card in SD card slot and let’s rock!


As I said before that this Bluetooth wireless headphones somewhat tight fitting and it might hurt in the event of wearing them for quite a while. As a matter of fact, I like the tight fit since it makes the bass more punchy than when free. The earcups are delicate and don’t hurt a bit (with free fit) and the cushioning on the headband isn’t much yet won’t hurt. By and large, the wireless headphones are comfortable yet not sufficiently happy for long hours (it is also not healthy for your ears as well).


Now comes the decisivepart, for which you are reading this entire article; how does these sound? I contrasted these Bluetooth headphones with some of the wireless headphones with the comparative value range and I saw a major distinction in sound quality. These headphones influenced me to overlook the past headphones I am using since quite a while.


The sound is extremely fresh, the mids and highs are stunning, the sound is clear. The bass is punchy and the best I have ever experienced in any headphones (till now). The bass is profound and you can feel each piece and each pound. Summing up, the bass in BT-06 bluetooth wireless headsetis as well as can be expected find in this range headphones.


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Sound One BT 06 Bluetooth headphones got it every one of the highlights you would ever consider (or not). BT 06 is available at Soundone for Rs. 1,690 and there are four colour for your choice to browse. If you are a music lover and searching for any headphones with astonishing bass at that point Sound One BT-06 ought to be your first and last option.

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