Sound One Latest BT-788 Bluetooth/Wireless Headphones (Black/Green)

In this modern era of burgeoning technology and science, from the toddler to the golden-ager everyone goes gaga over the tech gadgets. And the thirst for the gadgets is endemic these days. But that doesn’t mean we are a scientist. I’d rather call them a tech enthusiast. Even though we are not a scientist, we still are ambitious to gain knowledge nevertheless the field of expertise. An avid reader most likely would have noticed the plethora of types of scientific and educational access that we have. Only the almighty knows where this modern tech will lead us to. Be that as it may, today I’ll be reviewing the most familiar audio device “Sound One BT-788 Bluetooth/Wireless earphones”. So I don’t need to proclaim the obvious that the Sound One is a renowned brand in the world of best Bluetooth earphones or earbuds as this generation kid would say!

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Digital Performance

Compatibility Support                  All Smartphones

Bit Depth                                         16-Bit

Sample Rate                                    44.1 kHz

Output Connectors                        Wireless Earphones

Hands-On and First Impression

Don’t get bamboozled by its size! The tiny teeny BT-788 Bluetooth/Wireless earphones with Mic is just perfect for Skyping and conference calls, podcasts, YouTube video making, dubbing, voice-overs, web lectures, and any other thing that anybody can think of. And Sound One BT-788 Bluetooth/Wireless earphones with mic comes in handy with its foldable feature, conserving most of the space in contrast to the conventional earphones. It fits right into your pocket and you can carry with you anytime, any place and any day. Like always, Sound One surprises us with the cool additional feature – The BT-788 Bluetooth/Wireless earphones, best bluetooth earphone, can be mount on your laptop.


The built quality and design of the BT-788 Bluetooth/Wireless earphones is aesthetically pleasing and versatile. It fits well on the user’s ears. The bud of BT-788 Wireless earphones with mic is owl-like meaning you can turn or twist the head as per your preference and positioning. I’ve tested it with my laptop for speech recognition and voice commands in the Google Chrome and also for Skype telephone calls. In all of these platform, it outscores much better than my computer’s inbuilt mic or the mic in my webcam.

Simply Dazzling Sound Quality

Now you record or stream audio seamlessly and effortlessly on your MacBook or PC. No tedious process or longer hours of waiting, just stunning crystal clear audio. As mentioned earlier, BT-788 Bluetooth earphones’ unique design allows you to place the mic comfortably on the your ears and can be connected with your laptop screen. With BT-788 Wireless earphones, high-precision audio is always within reach.


The Sound One BT-788 Wireless earphones seem like a toy in the first place but when you use it for the first time, you will realize that it is a real deal. The box that it comes in is not so fancy rather quite simple; the colours are serene. The box is void of flaunting image or glittering labels. What’s inside the box? Only a BT-788 Bluetooth earphone which is reckoned as the lastest wireless earphone, a tiny and simple user manual and a foam lining.

The gleaming mesh earbud of the best wireless earphone obscures the condenser capsule and a converter where it transforms the analog signal into a digital signal in a mode of 16-bit/44.1 kHz. So it’s easy to draw an opinion that an output sound is of a normal resolution which is enough for internet telephony and recording purposes.

sound one bt-788 best bluetooth headphones

This best wireless earphone with mic consists of a base and flexible earphone head. You can adjust the angle of the head as per your preferences. This latest bluetooth earphone head moves flexibly and seamlessly and settles well in a preferred position. One must particularly like the primary portable connection which is fixated as well and, in this way, it moves easily. The BT-788 Bluetooth/Wireless earphones’ base is hollow; it has a part plan and comprises of two sections. There is no micro-USB link inside the base since it is the bluetooth wireless headsets. In this case, it’s green colour complements the bluetooth earphone. Sound One BT- 788 bluetooth earphone with mic is made of plastic. It’s required if the bluetooth earphone is utilized in PC mode, and it ought to be removed in the event that you need to append the best bluetooth earphone. The fixated part is made of thick curved plastic. The plastic doesn’t scratch the ears as there are foam linings.

This best bluetooth earphone with mic doesn’t appear to be delicate. A wind noise reducer is double: an external mesh is made of a thick wire and the inward – of a thin one. The colour of the Sound one BT-788 Bluetooth/Wireless earphones with

soundone bt-788 best bluetooth headphones

mic is pleasing. The back of the head is strong, made of plastic, green and black coloured.


The Sound One BT-788 Bluetooth earphone with mic is quite basic, but it fulfils the selling points at a reasonable price, and also render a convincingly good sound quality too. For just under Rs.3000, it has two advantages: it accords pretty good sound and it’s compact. Is it worth you money? I would say – “Yes! go for it”.