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Sound One Smartphones Dual Port Car Charger with Turbo Charging

Sound One Smartphone Dual Port Car Charger

Sound One Smartphones Car Chargers

Technology is making everything easy and smart. People are doing their daily as well as  professional tasks quickly and efficiently with the help of technology. Smartphones are the mostly used devices these days. The professionals need it for doing so many tasks such as mail checking, and meeting etc. They need not to connect with the laptop of desktop all the time for these types of small tasks. They can quickly unlock their smartphones and attend these meetings over skype until and unless they need not to share anything Hence Sound One smart car chargers are very useful and important in day to day life.

Now we all know that all these smartphones have limited time to provide you with the battery. Because without battery they are like dead body. You may go for power backups also. But all these things will not last for a long time. All these are temporary. The permanent solution for such issues is the charging point only. Technology has developed the new ways of charging. Now people spend most of the time inside the vehicles only because of the increased traffic. Therefore engineers have come with the car charging points as a solution for the power to charge your mobile phones even while you are moving. For connecting these charging points available in various cars, you need to have a proper car charger. Sound one manufactures two types of car charger with 3.1 Amp and 4.8 Amp current. For more details go through the below sub headings.

Sound One 3.1 Amp Dual Port Smart Car Charger for Smartphones and Tablets

It is one of the normal type of charger used for the purpose of mobile charging. It can also charge the small tablets also. They can be easily put inside the charging points available at the Cars. These small chargers are available for the minimum price but provides great help. These car battery charger have a number of benefits and qualities. Some of the qualities of these chargers are mentioned in the below bulleted points. See the charger in the below fig.1.

Sound One Latest Car Charger


Fig.1 Sound One 3.1 Amp Dual Port Smart Car Charger

 Easy to handle: It is a two port charger means we have the option of charging two phones at a time. Each port will give you the 3.1 Amp current and 24 Volts voltage output. It can be easily stored in the glove section of the car. It can be used anytime when you need to charge the battery.

 Secured and Intelligent design: First of all, the design is very stylish that attracts many users. Along with the compatible design matching the recent fashion and trends, it has also being designed with the intelligent sensors which prevent various charger related issues like overheating, Short circuiting, over charging and over current etc. The device stops charging automatically once the battery of your connected device gets fully charged. In this way the car charger is a device with intelligent design.

 Universal Charger: Universal is something that is applicable to all. This charger has two USB ports which can be easily connected to charge the mobile phones or tablets etc. with the help of a USB Cable. This small device gives the quick charging. It is reliable and safe to use this USB car charger for any devices. You will get a USB cable with the charger while buying it. Various devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Smartphones like Android and tablets can be charged easily with the help of this USB car charger.

 Smart Charger: Smart means it can detect the charging percentage automatically and can sense when to stop charging. Suppose your device is plugged in and it got fully charged then what this smart charger will do, it will stop the supply of [power to further charge. This will indirectly help in improving the performance of that devices as well as life of also.

Sound One 4.8 Amp Turbo Car Charger (Black)
Another product developed by Sound one is the Turbo Car charger that provides the 4.8 Amp current output. This charger also has the similar design that can be easily put in the car charging points. This has one unique feature that makes it most preferred car charger is the Turbo charging technology. It can charge your phones quickly. For example if you will charge your smartphone for 10 mins with this car charger then it will charge almost forty to fifty percent of your smartphones’ battery. There are so many other qualities also in this small car battery charger with 4.8 Amp current output. Have a look over this charger in the fig.2 below.

Sound One Smartphone Dual Port Car Charger

Fig. 2 Sound One 4.8 Amp Turbo Car Charger

 Quick Charging: This is one of the unique feature of this device that both the ports charge the connected device quickly with the help of turbo charging system. In this device, Qualcomm approved Quick Charge 3.0 technology is being used. The current capacity is 2.4 Amp per port. It will charge your device almost four times faster as compared to the other normal charger so that you can enjoy the access of your smartphone without any interruption related low battery.

 Stylish Design: It stylish design has the easily locking system to the car charging point which gets fit to these devices for better charging experience. This is devices has also been design such that the overheating, over current and over charging etc. doesn’t have any impact over the charger. It has been designed to provide the high reliability and performance with the proper safety.

 Easy To access: It can be easily stored in the glove compartment of the car and put in charging at the time when you need to charge your smartphone or other small devices like tablets etc. Therefore is always ready to charge your smartphone.

 Compatibility: It charges two devices simultaneously with the equal speed without compromising with the performance. It can charge any smartphone. It is compatible with so many devices like various LG smartphones, Lenovo Smartphones, ASUS mobiles, Xiaomi Mi Note 2, Note 5 and 5s and so many other devices.

Therefore these Sound One car charger are the best suitable ones for the professionals who need to travel a lot and attend the meetings after every journey. Also these devices are the best options for the people who are planning to go for a trip.

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